W2W Ventures Champion Program For Businesses

Our Vision

Millions of professional women in the United States have made the decision to sequence out of the workplace for a period of time. This happens for many reasons. The primary reasons are: childcare, elder care and education. The goal of this site is to support these woman by providing them tools so when they sequence back into work, they do not find themselves left behind due to technology changes, industry knowledge changes and networking lapses. Perhaps the most discouraging hindrance for woman returning to the workforce is her own lack of confidence, which slowly erodes while out of the workforce.

What we do know is that a mother is not a bad mother because she works full time at a professional job, nor does a woman lack drive or ambition if she stays at home with her children. We know she may want to pursue an education - and work. We know she may be caring for aging parents. We know life still happens from 9-5. What we also know is there is not a tool to meet individual women where they are, meeting their needs and interests, so they can balance their professional needs and aspirations with their personal commitments.

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