W2W Ventures Champion Program For Businesses

Career Strategy

Having a career plan, regardless of where you are in your career, is a good idea. However, for sequencing women it is essential. What is a career strategy? It is a method that links goals and activities. It forces you to confront tough questions: What do you want to achieve professionally? How long will you be sequenced out of the traditional marketplace? Where are the real gaps in your resume?

W2W Ventures strives to provide guidelines for realistic tasks and timelines to keep you on your path. Sometimes it will be as simple as picking up the phone to connect with a former colleague or it may be as involved as completing a short-term project once a quarter.

Ultimately, it is up to you but we can collect advice from experts, offer examples of what other women are doing, and expose you to tools that will help you.

Career Coaches Articles & Resources
This team of coaches can help you build, review and modify your career strategy along the way. Coaching is an investment in your future and insures that you are spending your precious time effectively. Pick up some valuable advice and insights about developing your career during times of work and during absences.
Career Planning Resumes, Job Search & Interviews
This section provides various planning tools for distinct phases of a career including: preparing for an exit, planning for time out, preparing for a return and making a return. Advice for job seekers on marketing yourself to employers.

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