W2W Ventures Champion Program For Businesses

For Businesses

W2W Ventures is a first-of-its-kind company that enables businesses to access, retain and re-recruit experienced and skilled individuals who seek quality professional flexible opportunities. The W2W Ventures approach demonstrates a company’s dedication and loyalty to employees and ultimately improves the bottom line through strategic workforce management.

The goal of W2W Ventures’ services is two fold: An immediate sourcing of untapped talent with business acute need for experienced, skilled employees and a longer term solution for retention and re-recruitment of trained professionals.

Innovative Retention Sourcing Flexible Talent
W2W Ventures' Champion Program is a unique solution to make sure your business maintains a relationship with your valued employees during an absence from the work force. This cost-effective program ultimately affects the entire employment life-cycle - recruitment, retention and re-recruitment. W2W Venture's national job board attracts talented experienced professionals looking for part-time, contract and other flexible work opportunities. Not only does your opportunity get posted on W2W Ventures' site, but is put in a pool accessible to over 300 other job boards. And, searching for professional candidates is efficient.
AD-Ventures: Innovative Advertising Strategic Partners
Advertising on W2W Ventures web page is more than advertising - it is an opportunity to educate your target market in a way that is relevant and helpful to them. You set your company apart from competitors by sharing your well-earned experience and knowledge. Your company has worked hard to establish itself as market leader in your industry. Now, convey your company’s commitment to your employees and future employees by partnering with W2W Ventures.
Articles & Resources
Policies, programs and thoughts for businesses to create great working environments, attract talented people and build value.

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