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Flexible Work

"Flexible work" is a term W2W Ventures uses to describe any work arrangement that provides flexibility beyond a 40+ hour, 9 to 5 work arrangement. The idea of providing the information we do is to make sure that you know your options and can make informed choices. Here are four popular options for women who want to find flexibility in their work:

Part-Time Consulting/Contract
The most popular and traditional alternative to full-time work. Although it doesn't need explaining, it can be challenging to manage particularly in a professional setting. Learn how. As the popularity of contingent workers grows, there are more and more opportunities to find consulting and contract work. Work with your former employer or build a small business - this is a great option for staying engaged.
Job Sharing Ventures
Two part-time employees sharing a single job. A way to maintain a foothold on a career path without the full-time obligation. Strike out on your own. The ultimate in autonomy but not without great challenges.

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