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Stay sharp! When you are out of the game for any period of time you will miss the latest industry news, trends, technology and software. Worst of all is the hit to your confidence. The fact is that many of the things you missed can be learned, or relearned quickly, but your confidence is diminished.

With a well-developed plan (see Career Strategy) you will be able to use your “personalized education” as an asset – not only do you stay sharp and develop new skills, but you show that you take yourself and career strategy seriously.

Computer-Based Education Book Summaries
Access to thousands of online courses from the industry's top providers. Courses range from 20 minutes to 12 hours and cover a wide breadth of topics. Before choosing, view the sample course to see how it works. Stay in touch with the best books that affect you. W2W Ventures has distilled books we think are of interest to our users. We give you a listing of 10 points made by the authors. If you like the summary, go ahead and order the book.
  • On-line Education
  • (Please note that our online education section is currently under construction, although parts of it are functional and ready to use)
Articles & Resources
Articles about your career development options and tips on making the best choices.

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