W2W Ventures Champion Program For Businesses

       Business meet talent.
                       Talent meet business.

Companies are looking for bright, talented, trained individuals. Many women are looking for fulfilling professional opportunities while attending to personal obligations.

W2W Ventures is a first of its kind company that joins together professional opportunity with women who are preparing to leave or have left the full time workforce.

Whether you are a company looking for retention tools, or an individual seeking an avenue to remain professionally engaged – W2W Ventures has created a professional environment to address the marriage of business with real life.

For Businesses

Some of the best players in the game are sitting on the sidelines having made a decision to leave the full-time workforce. With the support of W2W Ventures businesses can access and effectively use this untapped talent pool. W2W Ventures does not just help businesses hire and retain talented employees but provides resources and structure to keep them and the businesses they work for competitive.

For Individuals

For women to return to work they need more than inspirational messages they need tools. Having the Uber costumer service number on speed dial, or knowing Chase support number by heart.

What's New

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